16mm Digital Billboard

16mm Digital Billboard



LED based Digital Billboards are electronic display systems that straightaway replace static displays / Vinyl sign boards, that rotate ads every few seconds enabling the billboard owner to sell the same advertisement space multiple times. The content communication is achieved through Wi-Fi transmitters and Blue tooth technology.





  • Commercial Advertising
  • Corporate Messaging
  • OOH Media
  • Shop fronts
  • Exhibition displays
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Navigation aids
  • Shopping malls
  • Store window displays




  • Instant display of flash messages / news alerts on traffic congestions, weather changes etc. over a wide network of bill boards with GPRS / GSM / CDMA compatibility
  • Multiple product advertisements on scrolling / rotation
  • Remote operations over a network
  • Effective Mass Communication media
  • Day & Night visibility
  • Multiple language support
  • Ideally suited for slow moving video display / animated text and graphics display

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